August 15, 2005
Back Home

I'm back from the 2005 VATSIM Convention in Washington DC and I had a blast. I enjoyed meeting many people in person for the first time. Thanks to all the organizers for putting it together.

I made a couple of announcements during my talk. First, I have entered into a formal agreement with VATSIM whereby SquawkBox 3 will run exclusively on the VATSIM network. Second, there's an easter egg hidden within SquawkBox 3. You'll have to ask a convention attendee for the details!

The slides from my talk can be found here.

Posted by Joel at 06:25 PM
August 11, 2005
Crawling out from under...

It has been a long time since the last news update. As expected, work has consumed most of my life this summer. The remainder was taken up by niceties like personal hygiene and sleep, though I think those have suffered as of late as well. :)

When fall rolls around I will have more time to spend on SquawkBox fixes and improvements, so definitely stay tuned. I will be talking about some of these plans during the VATSIM convention this weekend. For those of you attending, I look forward to meeting you in person!

Posted by Joel at 02:40 AM