August 29, 2004

Weather in SquawkBox 3 is finally working.

Posted by Joel at 01:08 AM
August 20, 2004
SquawkBox 3 SDK Change

I have made a change to the way 3rd party transponders interact with SquawkBox 3. If you have implemented or are planning on implementing a transponder to work with SB3, this is directed at you. The offset 0x7B90 used to control whether the transponder built-in to SB3 appeared. If 3rd party transponders were providing an interface that replaced the built-in transponder, they were to increment the value at that offset when starting up and decrement it when exiting. This would make the built-in transponder disappear.

Ultimately, this was not workable so use of this offset is now deprecated. The document in the plug-ins section of the web site has been updated to reflect that.

There are some other additions to the offset list, including a new way of measuring ATC activity around the pilot, an offset to notify external applications when text messages arrive, and a mechanism that allows external applications to tune a voice room.

For all the details, see the documentation.

I'm happy to answer your questions about any of this.

Posted by Joel at 10:29 PM
August 11, 2004
Private Voice

I have now added the ability to tune a private voice channel, separate from the voice accessible through COM1 and COM2. So you can specify the voice server and room manually and then invite other users to join it. They can then do so with just one click. There is also a user-editable favourite channels list.

Before the anticipated range-based voice is implemented at some point in the future, this will allow people to fly with SB3 and have VA company channels, private channels and the like.

I still need to work on providing an interface for external applications to tune this voice channel. That way other systems like voice ATIS or other things that people develop could take advantage of it without having to resort to external voice clients like TeamSpeak, etc.

Next up... weather.

Posted by Joel at 09:54 AM
August 03, 2004
Public comments about SquawkBox 3

It has come to my attention that some individuals are claiming they have copies of SquawkBox 3 and are making comments about its functionality and its stability. The only people that have access to SquawkBox 3 at this point are myself and a small number of testers. Those testers do not comment publically on the program. As such, please consider this site as your only reliable source of information about the new version of SquawkBox.

And as always if you want to clarify I'm happy to answer your questions.

Posted by Joel at 06:40 PM