November 25, 2003
Push-to-talk setup with FSUIPC

I have just confirmed with Pete Dawson, the author of FSUIPC, about how FSUIPC allows PTT customization for Roger Wilco. Some of you have been asking whether SquawkBox 3 will support this. I am happy to report that SquawkBox 3 will support the FSUIPC setting, and you will not be required to upgrade FSUIPC for this to work.

This means that if you have setup a push-to-talk button or key in FSUIPC, that will control transmission of voice in SquawkBox 3.

Posted by Joel at 12:58 PM
November 16, 2003
Voice Update

I worked on voice tuning this weekend. Voice channels are now being properly tuned based on the tuned frequencies in Flight Simulator. The voice library guys are enhancing things a bit to allow tuning to multiple frequencies while only transmitting on a single frequency, as Flight Simulator allows.

More updates will follow as things unfold....

Posted by Joel at 08:45 PM
November 13, 2003
Getting There....

SquawkBox 3 is at 25731 lines of source code and counting. Weather and Voice are the last major features to complete.

Posted by Joel at 09:20 AM
November 08, 2003
Flight Plans

You can now file your flight plans with SquawkBox 3. We're getting closer!

Posted by Joel at 08:09 AM