October 25, 2003

Since my last list of items left to do (on September 10), I have implemented the following:

I have also done a fair bit of work creating development guides for SquawkBox 3 plug-ins. These will be posted on the site soon and will include initial standards databases for fictional and defunct airline codes and for the airline livery codes.

Next up: continued model set testing and voice integration.

Stay tuned for more news.

Posted by Joel at 10:16 AM
October 09, 2003
The Deluge


Perhaps I should take a moment to clarify my previous request. I am NOT looking for beta testers for SquawkBox 3 yet. I specifically want help from people that have already created sets of aircraft models and textures for specialty purposes (e.g. for VAs) so that I can take those models and use them as test SquwakBox 3 model set plugins. Thanks to those that have replied with this. If I haven't gotten back to you yet, you should be hearing from me in the near future.

I also now know that if I ever want to truly test the fortitude of my mail server, I just need to ask for beta test volunteers. :-)


Posted by Joel at 07:41 AM
October 07, 2003
Model Set Volunteers Needed

One of the benefits of the new model set plugin system is the ability for small groups of pilots to share special aircraft models. For instance, a VA could create a model set plugin with all the particular special liveries of their airline. VA pilots would see each other flying their special liveries. Other clients that do not have that particular plugin installed would see those planes as a generic version of that airline's paint scheme.

I am in need of volunteers who can create low resolution models of a VA's liveries. I can work with you to make this into a SquawkBox 3 plugin and then can use them for testing this functionality in SquawkBox 3.

Be one of the very first SquawkBox 3 testers! Please e-mail me if you're interested in participating.

Posted by Joel at 08:47 AM