July 31, 2003
Slides from the VATSIM Convention Talk

Slides from my talk can be found here.

Posted by Joel at 08:23 AM
July 25, 2003
VATSIM Convention Report

I just returned from the 2003 VATSIM Convention, and had a wonderful time. My thanks to Martin Georg and the other organizers for creating a welcoming atmosphere, and planning a meeting that was both well organized and fun.

The two presentations of SquawkBox 3 were well received. I'll post the slides from the talk here very soon. As well, I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them back. I invite anyone else who has photos from the convention to let me know.

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July 16, 2003
Formation Flying

I recently tried out some formation flying with SquawkBox 3, since the precision of position updates now makes this possible. Check out screenshots of the attempts here and here.

Kids, don't try this at home.

Special thanks to Danny Oberndorff (PHDNE) for his good piloting skills.

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July 14, 2003
VATSIM Conference this week!

I am leaving for Frankfurt on Wednesday to give a demo of SquawkBox 3 at the VATSIM Conference. Last night I did a dry run of the demo and it is performing really well.

I will be showing the new user interface running in FS 2002, including the new login interface and chat windows. I will then do a multiplayer demo with some real remote pilots, showing taxis, takeoffs and landings. There may even be a few surprises.

For those who are attending the conference, I'll see you there!

Posted by Joel at 12:59 PM
Status of Network compatibility

Integration of SB3 with the VATSIM network continues to go well.

As for other networks, I am in preliminary discussions with both IVAO and FlightProject International to see if it will be workable for SB3 to run on their networks. Specifically, they are both waiting for me to send a detailed list of the new technical requirements, which I am hoping to get to once the dust settles on the upcoming VATSIM conference work and some of my personal obligations.

More news in this space as it happens.

Posted by Joel at 12:54 PM