June 30, 2003
Talking with IVAO

An update on the situation with IVAO: I am currently speaking with one of the development representatives from IVAO to see if the IVAO FSD can be updated to work correctly with SB3. Watch here for more news.

Posted by Joel at 05:25 PM
June 16, 2003
No SquawkBox 3 on IVAO

I am abandoning plans to get SquawkBox 3 to work on the IVAO network. All my attempts to work with the IVAO HQ have been frustrated by a complete lack of response from the people that manage that network. This is regrettable since I want SquawkBox to be used by as wide an audience as possible. From the inception of my development on this project I have endeavoured to work closely with all existing networks. Contrary to some reports, work on SquawkBox 3 is controlled only by me and is in no way affiliated with any particular network.

As for other existing networks, SquawkBox 3 will almost certainly run on VATSIM. I am also in discussions with the technical people at Flight Project International to see if there is some way to integrate SquawkBox 3 into their existing infrastructure. SquawkBox 3 will not run on the NVAS network.

Posted by Joel at 10:27 AM
June 14, 2003
FSUIPC licensing

With the recent announcement that future versions of FSUIPC will not be freeware, there has been much speculation about how this will affect SquawkBox 3. Here is what I know now.

The FS 2002 version of SquawkBox 3 will release with a current freely available version of FSUIPC. The FS 2004 version will hopefully run with a licensed version of FSUIPC at no cost to end users of SquawkBox 3. The details of the licensing scheme have not yet been established. I am in contact with the author of FSUIPC about this and will post more here as things develop.

On that note, I would encourage you to express your thanks to the author of FSUIPC by making a donation. Think of it as a small price to pay for the many hours of enjoyment you may have received from using SquawkBox. In your donation, note that you appreciate his role in making past and future versions of SquawkBox successful!

Posted by Joel at 10:07 PM