October 04, 2007

Many of you know how frustrating it has been for me this year: the work on SB4 has been mostly complete for months now, yet I haven't had the time to commit to getting it finished. My continued interest, desire and passion for the project notwithstanding, I recently realized that I needed to bring in some help to get this thing out the door. I still have the bandwidth to support the project and direct it technically, but simply don't have the hours required to crank out the last bit of code.

I'm happy to report that another software developer has joined the project and is diving into the code as we speak. I'm not going to name this person just yet so that they don't get spammed and can focus on the job at hand. :) However, they are an experienced developer and are quite familiar with FSX and SimConnect programming. Woo!

Look for more updates here as we drive things along in the coming weeks.

Posted by Joel at October 04, 2007 09:28 AM