July 09, 2007
Last Build Successful

The last build seems to have addressed all the highlighted problems. Two major items remain: having a version that runs internally in FSX, and exposing SquawkBox's data to 3rd party applications in the same way that the current version does through FSUIPC.

The former item seems critical to complete prior to a public beta since that's how most people use SquawkBox. The latter item is really done for developers of other add-ons so they can make their stuff interoperate better with SquawkBox.

These two items are my top priorities right now. Once the first is complete we should be ready for the first public beta build.

In other news, things have been going very well with the company I have helped start over the last year, Hothead Games. The company is a finalist in the Great Canadian Video Game Competition, and it was just revealed that the four finalist games are part of a "People's Choice" award. You can check it all out here and can cast your vote for your favorite game out of the bunch!

Posted by Joel at July 09, 2007 03:33 PM