November 28, 2006
Ready for Testing

Completing all the nuances of the new SquawkBox installer took longer than expected, but it's in pretty good shape. I sent out a build of SquawkBox for FSX to a small set of beta testers tonight. Once they've run it through its paces and I have completed the last couple of features, it should be ready for a public open beta.

Stay tuned here for more updates.

Posted by Joel at 10:29 PM
November 10, 2006

To help asuage the feeling of abandonment some of you may feel I thought I would post to the news page and let you know I'm still alive. I don't have much new information on the progress of the FSX-compatible version. It turns out that trying to get this done while starting a video game company is actually pretty challenging. I plan on spending a good amount of the coming long weekend on SquawkBox and will post more if significant progress is made. As always, your patience is appreciated.

Posted by Joel at 07:57 AM