December 30, 2002
Airplane Model Set Spec Updated

I am writing code for model set plugins right now. As such, I have made a few small modifications to the recent Airplane Model Sharing document. A summary of the changes:

These changes will be of biggest interest to model set developers. As always, your comments on the forum are welcome.

Posted by Joel at 09:36 PM
December 27, 2002
Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to everyone! Best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous new year. Hopefully 2003 will bring many good things, not the least of which will be a new version of SquawkBox.

Posted by Joel at 09:03 AM
December 03, 2002
Multiplayer Working

SquawkBox 3 now draws planes in the Flight Simulator window! This is just the initial implementation, and already the smoothness of the motion is improved over the current version of SquawkBox.

Posted by Joel at 01:56 AM