August 29, 2002
Compatibilities Added

Since this web site has gone up, there has already been a lot of discussion about how SquawkBox 3 will interact with other pieces of software. Consequently, I have created a page where I list software for which compatibility is planned. In many cases I am in direct contact with the author of the software to ensure that this happens.

I did some work on the ATC tracking part of the code tonight. There's nothing to show of this yet however.

Posted by Joel at 11:43 PM
August 26, 2002
More Work

Work on the core of SquawkBox continues. I have begun the integration with FSUIPC, the DLL that provides an interface to lots of variables in Flight Simulator.

Posted by Joel at 10:59 PM
August 18, 2002
New Web Site Look

I have updated the look of the web site. There's nothing too fancy here, but the main thing to note is that I have added the discussion forum. Feel free to register on the forum and post messages. I'll participate in the discussions as I am able.

Posted by Joel at 03:44 PM
August 12, 2002
Connection Success

A milestone! SquawkBox 3 successfully connected and logged into the VATSIM network, running in a window in FS 2002. Work continues on the user interface--stay tuned here for further developments.

Posted by Joel at 11:48 PM
August 02, 2002
Progress on architecture

Did a lot more work on the module DLL / separate app architecture. Basically SquawkBox 3 will have the option to run as both a module DLL or as a separate application. The DLL approach will be the most common usage, with the separate application being used for multi-screen and multi-PC environments. Getting these to both work while minimizing code duplication has been a small challenge.

It's hard to know what is happening in the internal window handling of FS 2K2, but keeping the SquawkBox window drawing, resizing and refreshing correctly is a pretty constant battle.

I'm off camping with the fam all next week (August 5-10), so work will not continue until after that.

Posted by Joel at 08:35 PM