July 10, 2004
Using SquawkBox: A Comparison

Here's a side by side comparison of how to connect to VATSIM using SquawkBox 2.3 and SquawkBox 3.

SquawkBox 2.3
  1. Start SBRelay.
  2. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  3. In Flight Simulator, go to Flights - Multiplayer - Connect, and join the SBRelay - FS2004 session.
  4. Start SBHost.exe (or ensure you're using HostSB.dll).
  5. Start SquawkBox 2.3.
  6. Select Internet TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay.
  7. Select Start Search. You can leave the box blank, or if you are having troubles, enter Select OK.
  8. Join the same session you joined in in the Flight Simulator multiplayer dialog.
  9. Squawkbox will appear once you click "Click here to get into the action." It should appear either in the HostSB window inside of MSFS, or in the SBHost.exe application.
  10. Connect to VATSIM.
  11. Start AVC. Ensure that your VATSIM ID and password are entered in the "Pilot Info" tab and that your callsign matches the one you are currently using on VATSIM exactly, including case.
SquawkBox 3.0
  1. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  2. On the SquawkBox window, click Connect and connect to VATSIM.

This is also a way of saying that I recently got the multiplayer auto-join feature working. What this means is that as a SquawkBox user, you will not have to start or join any sessions--all of that is handled under the hood. As soon as you connect you will simply see the other planes in your vacinity.

Posted by Joel at July 10, 2004 04:07 PM