April 12, 2004
Blown Away

Let me offer my most humble and sincere thanks to everyone that has either pledged or sent donations to help with the current data recovery predicament. The response has been overwhelming.

When I first started flying online, I was not only struck with how cool an idea it was but also by the strength of the community, especially considering that the software and online network were funded completely by volunteer efforts. I am encouraged by the fact that this remains a commercial-free enterprise.

The response to my dilemma by so many of you has shown me that the love for this hobby is alive and well. I am also gratified by all the moral support and kind words that so many of you have sent privately and on the forums. It really means a lot to me. Thank you again.

I am moving ahead with having the recovery performed and with any luck should have the data by the end of this week (fingers crossed). Please do not send any further donations.

Posted by Joel at April 12, 2004 08:25 AM