September 08, 2003
Plugins galore

Now that my time commitments at work have waned significantly, development on SquawkBox 3 has accelerated and is continuing to go very well.

I have completed implementation of the network info plugins for both VATSIM and IVAO. A network info plugin is a DLL that SquawkBox 3 loads and runs so that live information on the current list of ATC servers from a given network can be presented in the connect dialog. It's hoped that this feature will stem the tide of news postings where people vainly attempt to connect to a server that no longer exists.

In addition, I have obtained the first model set plugin from the folks that make the VIP model set. A model set plugin is a collection of Flight Simulator aircraft models and textures, and a file loaded by SquawkBox that maps each model to the aircraft, airline and livery that it represents. This is allowing me to thoroughly test the multiplayer system with one of the model sets that will likely ship with SquawkBox 3.

Posted by Joel at September 08, 2003 08:26 AM