November 22, 2002
SquawkBox Model Set Architecture

I have written a draft document that outlines the design for the model set plugin architecture for SquawkBox 3. This architecture will be a replacement for the current CSL-centric system that exists for viewing multiplayer planes in SquawkBox.

It will allow users to use the model sets they prefer and have them interoperate well with other users. It will allow model set developers to write plugins for SquawkBox that will ensure that their models will display at the appropriate times. It will allow VAs to create their own special model sets with special liveries without the problem of their planes not showing up correctly on other people's machines.

Please review the document. Then visit the forum to discuss.

The system is in the preliminary stages of design and so nothing is written in stone at this point. I welcome your feedback.

Posted by Joel at November 22, 2002 01:10 AM